The Sounds and Music

29 May

A list of cheap or free sounds and music

Not free ($US 200 pa) but looks good –

The Macaulay Library of natural sounds at Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology is at

A bunch of music that’s free (with attributation) is at

More free music at

Another library of music that’s free with attributation is

A whole bunch of ideas are on ths facebook post, including :

Not to mention the whole list posted in by one kind user: Sound Cloud……. – Check the bottom of the page to find the Creative Commons section to search music that can be used. (use advanced filters to search for free music)…//…/music (non-commercial)

Bandcamp: (he has a lot of Creative Commons licensed music which is very nice, that you can pick up for next to nothing or even “name your price”) So you’ve scoured the internets in search of music recordings in the Public Domain and found bupkis… try Free PD

Custom Score Mason Bayne

Purchase licensed music*.html



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